Art Talk at the Flinn continues with artist, Annette Davidek

Annette Davidek
Annette Davidek

Annette Davidek was born in Michigan and received her BFA from the University of Michigan and MFA from Hunter College.  Annette currently lives and works in Brooklyn.  Her art has been exhibited in Ohio, New York, Texas, Maryland, Delaware, Indiana, California, Oregon, Florida and Qatar.  Her art is in collections in Michigan, New York, Korea, Jakarta, Japan and Barbados.  Her gallery dealer is Jacquie Littlejohn in Chelsea.

Annette’s paintings in the exhibit are beautifully mysterious, almost mystical combinations of light and dark, vibrant and softer colors and shapes that seem organic but, on closer examination, some are machine-like.  Like Jackie, she began by explaining how she starts a new piece of artwork.  “I begin with a hard plywood panel and need to turn this hard surface into depth and light.  My medium is oil, and my source material is printed reproductions, both mechanical and botanical… But I change them.  My process uses a dry brush and a thin glaze.  [My paintings progress as] one grows out of the last one.  I use secondary rather than primary colors.  I look at the opacity, the transparency and translucency, the value and hue….. After a trips to China and Japan, my paintings started to have that influence and became other-worldly.  They transport the viewer to another place.  There is always a ghost behind my paintings.  [In fact] there may be several layers of ghosts.”

As an example, in this picture of Annette with one of her works on exhibit, the painting has vibrantly colored botanical and mechanical images on its surface.  These appear to float over layers of pink and soft gray formations, which seem like a sea world of algae and coral and also seem very Asian-inspired. When I asked her, she said that she thought there were qualities to the piece that were reminiscent of Japanese art and imagery.  As she pointed to the painting, she said, “That one looks like a pagoda.”  It was a conversation that I truly wish I could have had more time to continue.

If you would like to learn more about Annette, please see this Website:

For more information about the Flinn Gallery and their exhibits, please visit their Website:



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