Once more at the Cavalier: Now for the Sculpture… Both Big and Small

I promised another visit and today it was for sculpture.  I am focusing on Jim Rennert, because this is an artist that the Cavalier seems to hold in very high regard.  With over 100 works in their collection in all three gallery locations, Jim Rennert stands out as a featured artist at the Cavalier Galleries.
Rennert was born in 1958 and grew up in Nevada and Utah.  He first tried to be successful in business, but, in 1990, he moved to showing both his evident frustration with the profession and admiration of it through art—especially sculpture.
Rennert’s works are quite consistent, showing men in suits in various forms of effort, such as playing tug-of-war, climbing over gears, scaling tall ladders and just gazing skyward.  His images show both corporate success and challenges.  One can imagine how these images must resonate with many business professionals.  Recently (in 2016), Rennert also began exhibiting two-dimensional art with very large prints of striking colors like black and dark yellow.
Rennert exhibits at the major US art fairs as well as galleries in the New York area, Massachusetts, Florida, Utah, New Mexico, Maine, Colorado, and British Columbia, with private and corporate collectors world-wide.
A major difference in Rennert’s work is its scale, with a range from truly massive (much larger than life-size) to very small.  This day, I chose to focus on one large scale and one small scale piece.
The first is not truly massive but is called “Momentum, Large,” for good reason. The piece is (in inches) 86 x 52 x 48.  The current price for this 2015 sculpture is $65,000.  True to the description above, the work shows the business person balancing on a set of gears, making one think of the balancing act that is required in corporate life.  (The image below is truncated on both sides, making the gears look broken when they are not.)

Momentum, Large, 2015

The second piece is called “High Risk,” Ed. 11/45, 2005.  The measured size is deceiving.  While tall, it is also narrow at 44 x 11 x 6.  The piece is currently priced at $9,500.  It shows a suited man with briefcase clinging to a high ledge.  The image seems to speak to the risks one sometimes must take in business.

High Risk, Ed. 11:45, 2005. 44X11X6 ($9,500)

I hope you have enjoyed my blog posts on the Cavalier Gallery in Greenwich and appreciate the variety of their large collection.
For more information about the Cavalier Galleries, please see their Website: http://www.cavaliergalleries.com

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