The Flinn Does It Again: Another Great Exhibit and Discussion with the Artist, James Grashow

I recently went back to the Flinn Gallery in Greenwich to see the James Grashow exhibit. It was marvelous! Mr. Grashow’s exhibit primarily includes cut corrugated paper, sometimes cut small and intricate and sometimes much-larger-than-life. Both are stunning, but obviously the large-scale pieces are more commanding to see in person. All of his works are amazing, but here are three that especially caught my attention.
The first is called Corrugated Flower Pot (2015). As you can see from my fellow “gallery gazer” in the photo, it is substantially larger than the average flower pot. The piece is made of both corrugated paper and wood and measures 12.5’ high X 45” square. It is currently priced at $12,000.

Grashow Flower Pot

 The second is Dancing Couple A on wheeled platform (2014). You can see how Mr. Grashow is entertaining us by gliding around the gallery with his dancers. Again the piece is made of corrugated paper and wood and measures 10’ X 36” X 6’6”. It is also priced at $12,000.

Grashow Dancing

 The third one (2006) appears to be a school of brilliantly colored tropical fish, but actually is composed of individual fish images.  Again, these are made of corrugated board, but, different from the first two, they are finished with acrylic paint. The prices that I saw ranged from $700 to $1000 for each fish.

Grashow Fish

 Mr. Grashow also does wood cut prints on rice paper. The exhibit shows images that appear almost medieval and others that are contemporary and humorous—including some well-known music album covers. The print below is titled Bach; it measures 20.5” X 41” and is currently priced at $1400.

Bach Woodcut Print

 Mr. Grashow was there to explain his work, which he did with gusto and wit. The artist obviously loves what he does and enjoys talking about it. He circulated around the room, reaching out to people individually—adults and especially children. He went beyond explaining; he engaged the audience. We were all entertained by his enthusiasm for his art. You can see below how the audience was truly mesmerized by his description of his artistic process. As he said: “Every artist has a particular material they like to work with. It’s like a predestined love affair. I like wood and corrugated paper. The woodcuts are done in Swiss pear wood…. [as he stroked the surface of a block slowly] The wood is sensual to me.”
Grashow teaching
Do go to the Flinn soon! The Grashow exhibit is ending on Wednesday, April 26. To find out more about this exhibit and the one coming next (Cambodia: Looking Back on the Future, starting May 4), you should visit their Website at

9 thoughts on “The Flinn Does It Again: Another Great Exhibit and Discussion with the Artist, James Grashow

  1. Wow, the Corrugated Flower Pot is impressive! During my freshmen year in the Art + Design program at Purchase, we had an assignment for our 3D class to create large-scale cardboard sculptures from objects that are typically small. I made massive sunglasses, though it pales in comparison to James Grashow’s work.


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